Export Credit Greece signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Polish counterpart agency, KUKE, continuing its extroversion actions.

Brussels, 10.05.2023 Today, Export Credit Greece – ECG, together with KUKE, the Polish counterpart agency of insured credits, proceeded to a new cooperation, by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation, in the context of strengthening the economic relations between the two countries. The Memorandum was signed on the Greek part by the Managing Director of Export Credit Greece, Mr. Gregory Stamatopoulos and on the Polish part the Chairman and CEO of KUKE, Mr. Janusz Władyczak and Ms. Katarzyna Kowalska, Vice-Chairwoman. The agreement with the Polish Agency is another action of Export Credit Greece in the context of promoting Greek exports, with a view to strengthening the extroversion of the Greek economy and position.

At the heart of the cooperation between the two agencies, the framework to enhance the bilateral trade between Greece and Poland, the increase of exports and investments, as well as the areas of reinsurance, co-insurance and the exchange of know-how on individual issues of common interest, is established.

The Memorandum was signed at the annual Spring Meeting of Berne Union, the International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers, in Brussels.

The CEO of Export Credit Greece, Mr. Gregory Stamatopoulos stated: “The signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with KUKE brings the Export Credit Organizations of Poland and Greece closer. During these times, which are marked by instability and increased risk in exports, we continue establishing strategic partnerships to support Greek export businesses. The Polish market has been of great interest to Greek companies in recent years. The exchange of information, know-how and continuous communication will strengthen the extroversion of the two countries. From our side, we are at the disposal of the KUKE team to support the efforts of Polish companies for the Greek market. I would like to personally thank Janusz for our excellent cooperation so far and I hope that the signing of the relevant memorandum will strengthen the relations and communication of our Organizations“.

The President and CEO of KUKE, Mr. Janusz Władyczak mentioned: “This agreement will facilitate cooperation and enable the exchange of information between KUKE and Export Credit Greece in order to achieve coordination in supporting trade and investment from our countries. We will share our know-how and best practices to assist our entrepreneurs in their foreign expansion even more effectively. Our organizations will obtain also useful instruments to support joint investments of companies from both countries on third markets, to mobilize funding for such projects and reinsuring its risks. We also hope to attract more ventures with Greek capital to Poland that will use those investments to expand globally. This in turn will strengthen economic relations between Poland and Greece“.