Export Credit Greece SA is the state-owned export credit corporation that is supervised by the General Secretariat for International Economic Relations and Openness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Its mission is to support Greek enterprises engaged in international transactions and investments, by providing the Greek exporter with:

  • credit insurance
  • guarantees
  • financing

At Export Credit Greece, we provide services and products to expand the horizons of your business beyond the Greek borders, with security and in steady steps.


We provide insurance from political, financial and trade risks, and any other related risk.


We provide export credits, insurance coverage and guarantees to foreign companies that are involved in projects with a strategic significance for the Greek economy.

Financial Tools

We provide financial tools to develop the exporting activities of Greek companies and the internationalisation of the Greek economy.

Our Vision

is to boost entrepreneurship and to promote Greek products and services on an international level by encouraging openness of Greek enterprises and supporting Greek exports.

Our aspiration is for Export Credit Greece to act as a catalyst in order to bring out the full capacity of the Greek economy.

We open international horizons by helping any business, regardless of size, to export its products safely, reducing any risk and exposure that international activity entails to the maximum extent possible.

Our Mission

is to develop Greek exporting enterprises, creating personalised solutions for insurance, guarantees and financing in order to transform insecurity into opportunity.

Our History


Establishment of the institution of export credit insurance

The institution of export credit insurance was founded in the 1930s and began to operate in its evolved form in the developed countries of the Western world, expanding even further after the end of World War II.


Establishment of the Panhellenic Exporters’ Association (PSE)

On 21 August 1945, the founding act of the PSE (Panhellenic Exporters’ Association) was signed by 25 companies (which, at the time, represented all branches of export activity). Within just two years, exports increased from 3,586 tons and 247,000 dollars to 200,000 tons and 77.3 million dollars respectively.


Establishment of the Credit Insurance Fund (KAP)

The PSE proposed and succeeded in establishing the KAP (Credit Insurance Fund) in accordance with Law 501/1968. The KAP took the form of a private limited company supervised by the Bank of Greece and its President was appointed one of the Deputy Governors of the Bank.


Establishment of the Export Credit Insurance Fund (KAPE)

The demand for more support for exporting enterprises and the consequences of the oil crisis of 1973-1974 led to the establishment of the Export Credit Insurance Fund (KAPE), in accordance with Law 225/1975.


Establishment of the Export Credit Insurance Corporation (OAEP)

The OAEP (Export Credit Insurance Organisation) is established, in accordance with Law 1796/1988, as a result of the evolution of the KAP and KAPE; the concept of export credit insurance is introduced in Greece, in line with the corresponding standards of the developed economies of the world.For the first time, the agency also insures against trade risks (as opposed to only political risks) under the supervision of the Minister of Economy & Finance.


Integration of OAEP into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In order to strengthen economic diplomacy, the OAEP is incorporated into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the supervision of the General Secretariat for International Economic Relations & Openness..


Establishment of the Export Credit Greece S.A. (ECG)

The OAEP is transformed and the Export Credit Greece S.A. is established according to Law 4918/2022.